All notices to:

  • us/the Host must be sent by email to Leishman Associates at the following address:
  • you will be sent to the email address you specify in your application for registration.


You may cancel your conference registration, by notifying us by email.

If you do not receive acknowledgement by email within two business days, please contact Leishman Associates on (03) 6234 7844.

Your cancellation – if you cannot attend because it is unlawful (eg, covid-19)

If you are unable, or will, with certainty, be unable, to attend this Event for the reason that it is unlawful for you to travel to the venue or would be legally required to submit to quarantine or “lock-down”:

  • You must notify us by email and provide particulars of the reason you cannot attend. You may notify us at any time before the commencement of the Event;
  • If we accept the reasons given, and:
    • if you notify us that you do not wish to attend by any means, we will refund all monies actually received from you to the date of your notice.

Your cancellation – for other reasons

The following applies if you wish to cancel your attendance at the Event for any reasons other than those noted above:

  • If you notify us by email before 5pm on the date that is 30 days before the Event commences, you must pay a cancellation fee of AUD$150.00 (including GST) and if, when you give us that notice, you have paid more than that sum, we will refund the balance; or.
  • You may cancel your registration after 5pm on the date that is 30 days before the Event commences, you must pay one half (50%) of the full cost of your registration (plus GST).  If you have already paid the registration fee in full, We will refund the balance


Expenses for and arrangements you may make for travel and accommodation are at your sole risk and your rights to a refund or partial refund are your sole entitlements on cancellation, postponement and conversion of the Event.  We recommend that you consider making accommodation and transport arrangements that permit variation or cancellation with appropriate refunds.  We further recommend that you obtain insurance (if available) that will reimburse you accommodation and transport costs in the event of cancellation